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The Get Down

12 Aug 2016
52min  Drama, Music, Musical

IMDB: 8.5/10  14,760 votes

Director: N/A
Actors: justice smith, shameik moore, herizen f. guardiola, skylan brooks

Awards: 1 win & 4 nominations.
Language: english

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1970s New York City - broken down and beaten up, violent, cash strapped - dying. Consigned to rubble, a rag-tag crew of South Bronx teenagers are nothings and nobodies with no one to shelter them - except each other, armed only with verbal games, improvised dance steps, some magic markers and spray cans.

From Bronx tenements, to the SoHo art scene; from CBGBs to Studio 54 and even the glass towers of the just-built World Trade Center, The Get Down is a mythic saga of how New York at the brink of bankruptcy gave birth to hip-hop, punk and disco - told through the lives and music of the South Bronx kids who changed the city, and the world... forever.
**NOTE: Even though Netflix releases all episodes of The Get Down on one day, they are portrayed on the TV Calendar as airing one episode a day, for ease of visualisation.